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There’s something heroic about good consulting. To unearth unrealized potential, to reveal new possibilities, to unleash latent energies. The consulting journey is always an exciting one, full of feedback loops and new discoveries.

Our team has been consulting our clients for eight years now (since 2011) as part of our highly successful digital marketing engagements. In fact, marketing and business development consulting has always been a big part of what we do. We pull from our niche experience and problem solving abilities to provide valuable advice and direction for our clients. 

Over this last eight years our agency would best be described as ‘boutique’ in that we’ve worked with only a handful of clients at a time. Because of the market leading value we deliver our average client life-span is twenty months, in an industry where the norm is less than six.

consulting-ringWith a mission to help 1000 companies by 2025, addressable market makes a difference. If you were to graphically compare the market size of our current target market, SMB B2B technology innovators, with the larger market of SMB B2B companies, it might look like this. 

In pursuit of our mission we are adding the following to our services mix:

CaaS: consulting as a service, separate from our digital marketing engagements. There are situations where providing straight marketing and business development consulting services would be most appropriate and perhaps even a point of entry into our 12-month marketing engagements.

Training / Coaching: the addition of PMF Academy is an ambitious undertaking that we have been considering for a couple years now. There is a very large demographic of small B2B companies that would benefit from a fully fleshed out marketing system to follow. All of our success has been around the proprietary marketing methodology we call Predictive Marketing Framework™ and PMF Academy makes this available to companies with much smaller marketing budgets.

And, yes, there’s something heroic about good consulting:

“Heroes care. True heroism, as the ancient Greeks understood, isn’t about strength, or boldness, or even courage. It’s about compassion and empathy. Empathy, the Greeks believed, was a source of strength, not softness; the more you recognized yourself in others and connected with their distress, the more endurance, wisdom, cunning, and determination you could tap into.” ~ Christopher McDougall 

The real heroes in this equation are our clients, for taking decisive action to grow their businesses.