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Growth hacking is the latest trend aimed at driving huge amounts of traffic to your site most where a free trail dinahumble_3waits. Once you have captured that all-important email address you can begin your drip feed campaign and potentially receive a huge boost in your customer base. The driver could be centered on social media, viral videos or any of several other avenues.

The difficulty with growth hacking is that most of the “hacks” are short-lived and few offer solutions for creating truly “sticky” clients. Instead, the focus is on consistently increasing the prospect stream and letting the law of averages do the rest of the work.

Combining a great growth hack with inbound marketing strategies creates an environment in which your business is prepared to nurture each of these new prospects. By providing all of those free-trial prospects with meaningful and consistent content in the form of blog posts, webinars and targeted emails you are converting the quick lead from the hack into a long term relationship.

Where growth hacking is focused on increasing traffic and removing barriers, inbound marketing is about engagement. Inbound’s rigorous monitoring and presence building traits are a perfect partner to growth hacking. If inbound marketing is the tortoise, growth hacking is the hare and when combined you are guaranteed to win the race.

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