Published under: Platform, Content Creation

So often I hear from clients that want to make a larger imprint on the digital world but aren’t sure that they have what-to-sayanything to say. They don’t want their blogs and podcasts to be “too pitchy” and rightfully so, people know when they are being sold to, and that’s ok, but you have to offer them something in return; that “something” is knowledge.

To determine the best topics that you should cover you must first consider your tribe. If you sell afghans for cats then you need to be writing and speaking to people who love cats as much as you do and are passionate about keeping them warm and cozy. Your message needs to be compelling to this group of people; so much so that they reach out to you for more information. They send you emails, call into your podcast lines and seek out you just so that they can get your opinion.

What you have done is created a following; a tribe of people that read anything you write, listen to anything you produce and, of course, wrap their cats in anything you knit. This group of followers can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. Better yet, they will tell their other feline-loving friends all about their miraculous find (YOU!) because people love to tell other people when they find something awesome!

This is how small startups become big players. They answer the needs of their tribe both with products that will serve them and with information they need.