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For those who spend their days working on something other than social media feeds, Google analytics and Screen_Shot_2014-11-11_at_11.16.39_AM-1content curation, it may be difficult to see how consistent blogging generates leads. How will posting an article that details the steps to a successful commercial real estate deal bring more leads to agency?

Consistent posting of unique content provides many benefits; here are three heavy hitters:

  1. Establish Thought Leadership

Consistently creating content that educates your potential clients establishes your company as an industry leader. Over time, you will develop trust with readers; increasing the likelihood that they will recommend you to colleagues and, of course, contact you to address their own needs.

  1. Unobtrusive Advertising

Helpful and interesting content will have potential clients seeking you out instead of the other way around. They will frequently visit your site to read about the latest industry trends and to gain insight on how to handle difficult tasks. When your prospective clients share this information via twitter feeds, LinkedIn accounts or email they are driving more visitors to your site and increasing your reach.

  1. Drive SEO Traffic

Fresh, unique content uploaded on a consistent basis boosts traffic from Google; it’s that simple. A light peppering of keywords, coupled with robust tags and relevant content are fuel for the Google soul. This strategy ensures that relevant search terms are driving traffic to your site.

Providing interesting and useful information to your readers establishes your own authority and creates trust. An active and consistent posting schedule will help your blog appear in more search result listings. A great blogging strategy is a simple and effective way to generate new leads, boost brand image and drive SEO traffic.