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We operate in a world where optimism isn’t enough. Board members expect complete delivery of all stated goalshonest-assessments and are only truly thrilled when expectations are exceeded. To put it simply, the goal is the expectation; exceeding the goal is a win.

In this environment, establishing goals is vital to the perception of success. For executive teams to present “wins” they must make honest assessments of their business’s abilities and shortcomings. Many believe that they understand their customer base and are fully reaching out in a way that improves their brand image while satisfying their needs.

But the landscape is changing so quickly that unless this area is addressed on a near continuous basis it is nearly impossible to be sure that this is true. Too many marketing campaigns operate under the guise of reaching out to an ideal customer when in actuality they are speaking the language of either the executive team or that of the board.

There is so much pressure to impress internal clients that our external clients aren’t getting our message. This is where a partnership with an innovative and experienced marketing firm can have such an impact. The outside firm is not tied to the same unspoken expectations; their only job is to deliver profitable results.

Revolutionary and even controversial ideas are introduced without bias. The value of fresh thinking that comes from working with a variety of industries, many companies and a special insider’s knowledge of the marketing landscape cannot be overly stressed.

When your honest assessment finds that your current marketing projects are speaking to those around the table instead of around the globe, consider partnering with a marketing firm that has industry experience and a proven ability to innovate and transform.