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SQmedia was founded in 2011 on the simple concept of providing more marketing for less. We were retained by our first client for 56 months,  helping them grow from $2M to a $75M exit (here's the case study).

In 2015 we introduced the practice of ‘predicting ROI before the engagement’ using a data-centric analysis and enabling a rock-solid track record today averaging 650% net ROI across all engagements (based on client marketing spend). Our average client lifespan is 21 months in an industry where the average is less than 6 months.

Our clients rest easy knowing we are driving the marketing for their companies and find us to be solid partners in the growth of their business. We are raising the bar for what clients expect from their outsourced marketing.

We are Hubspot Gold Partners since 2013. We use business as a force for good in the world. Christian principles guide our growth and success.

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