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We deliver strategic growth marketing engagements for exceptional B2B companies.


We engage through thought leading UI/UX and messaging, achieving relevancy, speaking directly to concerns and enabling engaged interest.


We excite your prospects through well crafted strategies to solve for their unique set of challenges.


We evolve our strategy continually from the analysis of data and experiences we gain from the engage and excite stages. Evolve to grow.

Predictions are only as good as the track record.


650% net ROI
(client marketing spend)


21 months
(avg client lifespan)


9 years
(Hubspot Partner)

What is growth?


What is “growth”?

How do you measure growth?

Why is growth important?

How do you achieve growth?

Budgetary requirements

dan brown, CareMate

“In short, the quality, the response times, the flexibility. The quality has been higher with SQmedia’s approach. As a startup your needs are constantly changing, requiring flexibility, and SQmedia has been able to help us by navigating around these things and by being agile. What I would tell any CEO is this:  ’if you’re looking for a true partner to cover the whole scope of marketingSQmedia pulls it all togetherAgain, it’s a true partnership.”

Dan Brown, CEO, Founder, Algorithmic Intuition (CareMate)

“SQmedia did an impeccable job of optimizing our online ecommerce, generating sizable increases in online orders and activity. Their technical content creation strategies developed thought-leader-advantage for us as a ‘progressive’ in an otherwise non-progressive market.”

Gregory Billhardt, President & COO, American Cutting Edge

“As a client, I’ve leaned heavily upon SQmedia to effectively bring our message to the market and they have delivered in all-star fashion. Our company has benefited from the extensive knowledge, experience and work ethic that SQmedia brings to the table. I felt and immediate synergy from the very first meeting and it was evident to me that they truly cared about the success of our business.”

Wade Brantley, CEO, ScienceSoft USA

“As President and CEO of Axiometrics I have had the pleasure to work directly with SQmedia for the last four years. They have exceeded and continue to exceed all expectations in providing online business transformation for Axiometrics. SQmedia brings a business development angle to the marketing experience which is both engaging and empowering. The ROI of their unique approach has continually met target, which of course is just phenomenal for us.”

Ron Johnsey, President, CEO, Axiometrics Inc.

“SQmedia has been an indispensable team member in helping us take AO to market. They have done an excellent job creating awareness in both the enterprise space as well as the SMB space where we really needed help differentiating ourselves from a very large competitive mix. Their content team has done an extraordinary job of capturing our very technical message and then attracting targeted interest. Bravo!”

Wayne Smith, CEO, Founder, Active Oversight

“...these guys are my go-to team for everything digital. I’m not sure where we would be if not for the targeted exposure this team has enabled. The digital messaging is second to none. SQmedia’s team did an excellent job of taking complex subject matter, simplifying it and successfully targeting the exact market with our value proposition.”

Jess Richter. CRO, Darklight Cyber

“In six short months the SQmedia team has raised our apparent thought leadership in a very crowded marketplace, enabling us to pursue deals that before were totally out of reach.”

Michael Rockford, CEO, Founder, RadialSpark

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