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How To Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Inbound Marketing for Commercial Real Estateand Technology Firms

SQmedia is an Inbound Marketing and Innovation Agency specializing in the Commercial Real Estate and Technology sectors. Our carefully chosen clients enjoy a minimum 300% net ROI first year. A Hubspot Certified Agency, we deliver professional-grade, integrated inbound campaigns capitalizing on search, content, video and social. Our focus is singular, delivering results.

What sets us apart

You're Covered

We provide a comprehensive inbound solution: web development, video production, search marketing, content creation, social media, analytics and business development consulting.

Measurable ROI

So that we know what's working and what needs improvement, our analytics track every touch point of a prospect and the precise ROI of every remarkable campaign.

Incredible Value

Every agency would like to make this claim, but delivering greater value is at the very core of our business model. It's what we do. If we're not confident we can deliver at least a 3X ROI first year, we'll respectfully decline.


It's not that we're innovative (which we are), but rather that our business development approach inspires innovation in our client companies. Brilliant.

How we do it


Attracting qualified buyers and prospects to your web property requires a combination of SEO (search engine optimization) and CXO (customer experience optimization). It requires a multi-channel digital marketing agency approach that combines the power of social media with your prospects insatiable desire for relevant, informative and engaging content. Learn more


Engagement is achieved with a combination of great user-interface design and superb story telling. We develop web property experiences that engage, and we create content that tells the stories that need to be told. From copy writing to ebooks to blogs to compelling corporate video, a strong digital marketing and inbound marketing strategy includes engaging content creation. Learn more

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Converting visitors to leads, and then leads to customers. With comprehensive tracking and analytics, we track every action a visitor takes on your site as well as in the social media. By doing so, we have the insight required to more effectively interface with the prospect and to continually optimize the process and improve on the user experience. By systematically supplying the prospect with the beginning, middle and end of funnel content they need to make a decision, we enable more conversions.

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Lead Generation Lessonsfrom 4,000 Businesses

A study based on real data from 4,000 businesses.

We analyzed the relationships between various inbound marketing activities and the volume of traffic and leads that correlate with those factors.

Factors studied include:

  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Pages
  • Facebook Reach
  • Twitter Reach

Download and read today. Our findings will astound you!

We create great user-experience interfaces for our target market. We measure our designs and productions by visual appeal, engagement, and most importantly, actual performance.